The company danced a various numbers of shows. Some of them were specially created for our dancers. Among them, here is one of them which quality is not to demonstrate anymore.

Romeo + Juliette 

It’s an impossible love story. Eternal. Universal. A tragedy that has spanned the ages without ever ceasing to upset. This story resonates within each of us and takes us back to the threshold of a distant passion when our heart could have stopped beating because we loved so much.

To love to the point of forgetting yourself, until you die.

“Romeo and Juliet” is not only a text about passionate love, it is also a precious key to opening hidden doors and changing mentalities.

Nut Cracker 

18 years old: a symbolic age. An apogee. But for Carla, doubts, uncertainties and loneliness linger on the path of her thoughts. In order to counter these demons that have haunted her since childhood, the Nutcracker appears.

An adventure begins for the young woman, discovering new emotions, sensations, but above all, herself. This show, playing with influences and atmospheres, offers a modern revisit of this classic.

Having begun this story as a feverish teenager, Carla transformed herself, like from a chrysalis into a butterfly, into a strong and proud woman.


Infiniment is the summary of what our company has to offer and to show to the audience: the discovery and exploration of modern ballert.

This show is divided in 4 scenes of 3 choreographers: Laurent Drousie (Belgium), Marco Goecke (Germany) and Mauro de Candia (Italy). This 4 scenes are moments of grace and of true emotions, of mixed music that makes you travel in other dimensions.

No one is the same after having seen this show: you are surprised, astonished and touched by what you have seen on stage.