Europa Danse Company

Europa Danse Company is a unique junior ballet which aims at preparing dancers aged between 18 and 23 for their first professional experience. Our formation of 2 years is based on the development of the artistic personality, the exploration of individual creative skills and the opportunity to work on a varied repertoire from established choreographers. The intention is therefore to place dancers in real professional practice situation before they start their career.

As our country has always been a pioneer in the dance field, Europa Danse Company naturally chose to establish itself in the very heart of the Belgian and European capital.

Brussels is indeed the ideal place to innovate and to introduce modern ballet as a new trend: a perfect blend of ballet and contemporary dance, which is the best style to make dance more accessible.

To surprise and move the audience, as well as to demonstrate the professionalism of our talents, these are our goals in order to support and lift up the European dance younger generation.

Our junior ballet training will combine:

  • A daily morning class in order to strengthen ballet and/or contemporary dance technique
  • Rehearsals in order to step into the rhythm of professional life
  • An initiation to a European tour
  • Nutrition and physical recovery classes 
  • A follow-up in the future audition applications process